Why do we pressure wash?

Over time the beautiful wood and craftsmanship on Nantucket homes will become covered with moss, mold, lichen and dirt. Why does this happen? All of nature’s scavengers need two things: food and water. The islands moist environment provides the water, and the wood found on our roofs, decking, sidewall, and outdoor furniture provides all the food it can handle.

Our Methods

Pressure washing in a way that will leave the natural oils intact is imperative. To kill the lichen and mold spores, most will use a simple bleach mix, which does more damage than good because it pulls the natural oils out of the wood, leaving it dry on the surface. For all of our jobs we use an all natural cleaning product that is environmentally friendly and will not harm your landscaping or animals. It has a sodium bicarbonate base that restores the wood and brings it back to its natural ph balance without ever drying the wood out. We hand remove the plant life, apply our cleaning products, and then finally power wash. Using the steps allows us to use lower pressure, ensuring no damage. Call or email anytime with questions.